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Pollution : an 8+1 level wad (Need feedbacks)

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Hello again
Since 2016 march I have been working on a 9 level wad on/off but a few weeks ago I finished all the map layouts. However it's not done yet. I need some feedback because my ThingPlacement skill no so advenced. Also I need report if you find some bug during playing.

Originally it meant to be a boom mapset but I decided to use Zdoom instead. (mostly because MAPINFO)
Tested with Zdoom and Zandronum

The story is simple. Our marine was sent to the near WaterFacility on an unamed island because the water support has been cut. He need to clean it from the evil before they make the country dry... okay I will try to make some better plot. :)

Also there's a new demon variant that replace the Spectre (I find that invisible freak useless). It's blue (translated) and spitting proyectiles at you.

Textures taken from cc4,Nightmare,Epic2,1monster
Final boss's sprite taken from Valiant (credit for the original creators)

I hope you will enjoy this.
Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bpbb9vyu1nw2wo6/PollutionBeta.wad?dl=0

ScreenShots: http://imgur.com/a/nr7p4

//sorry for the bad english

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the spectre is actually a huge threat when given the proper lighting and modeling. otherwise it's like a normal demon.

but your screenies look good and i can tell map 8 will be fun to review. would love to see IoS maps from you.

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