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Tactic Shadow - Espionage Doom 2 Conversion (Canceled)

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[NOTE]Due to time constraints, mappers block, and other projects I have decided to cancel this project, I may release what little have finished  in the future or re-use Ideas and assets for other projects, I don't think I would be able to make a huge mod like what I envisioned the final product being, maybe in the future...

Tactic Shadow is a partial conversion Gzdoom mod with a focus on modern espionage action.









In recent years a terrorist organization called the United Arms Militia has risen to power in their country of origin. Their leader Marco Schwarz, has gone into hiding as a result of many assassination attempts. It is your job as a C.A.S agent to track down Marco and bring him to justice dead or alive. It will contain a 12 main level or so campaign with a few extra maps that either don't fit in the chronology of the story or aren't at the standard set by the rest of the levels

-fleshed out story about finding and bringing a terrorist to justice
-2 maps tutorial and first mission (more to come)
-new textures, new weapons, new enemies, etc
-multiple approaches to each map
-strife dialog

To do
-more maps
-more enemy variety(only 4 types)
-more weapons (again, only 2)
-custom miscellaneous things (title screen, intermission, music, etc)
-more polish


note: mod does not look as good as in the screenshots, vignette and softglow were added in in post using gimp

Edited by NoahMLG

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Thanks my original idea was to try to put
Deus Ex style choose your play style gameplay into doom 2,
when I realized Deus Ex was simply too big to try to replicate
by one guy in a single lifetime, I scaled it down to a series of maps with multiple routes

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