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Aracnocide v4.0 [Update 06/03]

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Hello guys. This is my first thread on doomworld forums, but not my first project. If i'm breaking any rules by this cross-posting, i apologize and i'll fix any errors as soon as possible. Thank you.

Download links, go to the end of the post!



What is this?
Aracnocide is a Weapon/Enemy/Objects Mod replacement for GZDoom Engine.

Basically all enemies were replaced with different kinds of spiders, scorpions and wasps. But what else does it bring to you?


  • Choose among THREE classes and use between 53 weapons, to destroy your enemies. Watch your ammo!

  • Many custom resources!

  • Diffculty settings named after spider movies!

  • Very few weapons have altfires, but the altfire key also reloads!
    (Lazy ass excuses to use Altfires, i know).

  • A Quick melee key! Kick those spiders up theirs!

It's always good to remember:

1 - All enemies were replaced with something insect-like. If you're ARACHNOPHOBIC or you don't feel too good with spiders/wasps/scorpions/insects, play at your own risk and consider yourself warned. After the download button is pressed, i can't do anything.

2 - The main file is NOT intended to be compatible with Brutal Doom, TrailBlazer, Demonsteele or other mods that change overall gaming experience. I suggest using the enemies or weapon packs for those purposes.

3 - I like true feedback. I can't say i will add everything you guys ask me, otherwise we would have 80 different weapons in the game (lol). But i like to read your opinions. ;)

4 - Each class has its OWN weapon set!


Here's the names so you guys can know who i'm talking about :

// Coding Lessons and Special Thanks in no order, just the names.

  • WildWeasel
  • Zaero
  • CaptainJ
  • YukesVonFaust
  • LedIris
  • Deii
  • ChronoTeeth
  • Ghastly_Dragon
  • Captain Red
  • Sgt. Shivers
  • The Railgunner
  • Ispook
  • Jekyll Grim Payne/Zer0

    Last but not least, my wife and my cat. :)

    // Sprites And Sounds (Spiders, weapons, objects...)

  • Ninhil
  • Crudux Cruo
  • CamaleonMaligno
  • unRyker
  • open game art.org
  • Nash
  • Sgt. Mark IV (Some Brutal Doom Sounds and a few sprites/lines involving screen effects.)
  • Captain Toenail
  • Random Talking Bush, Magma Dragon, Tonberry2k, Team Future (These four because of a blue barrel!)
  • HexenMapper
  • Trevor_402 (for evil dead sounds for the chainsaw)
  • Cutmanmike (for Disruptor Sprites).
  • Dunkelschwamm
  • Dolphman
  • iteachvader
  • FreeRockMidis
  • TorridGristle (Many, many resources!)
  • Archon
  • TheZombieKiller
  • Cyrus Annhilator
  • Xenoxols
  • DoomNukem
  • RSL
  • Zero X. Diamond
  • Scuba Steve
  • Dr. Kelexo
  • Mike12
  • JoeyTD
  • SeanLao
  • rgveda99
  • Jimmy(fonts) (well, for fonts). :D
  • CaptainJ for some Wolfenstein Mac Sprites.
  • SladeEXE (Doom64 Sprites)
  • GhostKillahZero
  • Tristan885
  • The Master Hand Sheet from the ZDoom forums.
  • Dynamo
  • SmithyGCN
  • Maxim
  • Capcom
  • Banjo Software
  • ID Software
  • Velocity
  • 3D Realms
  • Lobotomy
  • GT Interactive Software
  • Insomniac (Disruptor Stuff)
  • Rebellion
  • Valve
  • Square Soft/Enix
  • Konami
  • Freedoom
  • THQ
  • Namco

Since this is ALWAYS in progress, feedback is needed and ALWAYS appreciated. Please be sincere and expose your ideas! I would like to read and answer them, PM them or answer them here on the thread. I would like your views on the new enemies, weapons, everything!

I made recently a "To Do" list, which embraces some recent and some old needs:

to do:
- Gibs for all monsters during (or not) XDeath states.
- Try to add spiders from Might and Magic 4 and 5.

Videos and Screenies

Video by : Gaming Room

Screenies (OUTDATED, new screenies soon!)

The Hives of Madness* Screenshots:

*(see download section)

Download Links:

All changelogs up to 4.0

Complete Game

Enemies pack

Weapons pack

Recommended Add-Ons

Drugs for Aracnocide: (OUTDATED FOR NOW)

These "drugs" are actually a patch that adds two items to your inventory: Cigarettes and Whiskey. Cigarettes give you health and whiskey gives you armor. Load it AFTER Aracnocide files.

Known Issue: It somehow messes player classes and you can use every weapon in game, including class-restricted weapons. If anybody knows how to solve this issue, i would be glad.

Dark Doom by Sid Doyle

What's frightening than dark ambients to kill spiders?

Doom SNES Jukebox by cryomundus
To add some fun 16-bit beats to the game. ;)

Ambience Pack by Hellstorm Archon
Atmospheric music to give it a little creepiness.

The Hives of Madness

This levelset was especially designed for the game by user Mosshopper. It uses the Too Much Brown Texture Pack by Tormentor667, which you can get here:



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Thanks! The mod has changed a lot in the past months, with new classes, many guns and some fast paced enemies. I hope ypu enjoy it! :)

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