Belatedly, on the "pros scaring off new players," I'm pretty sure that's why arena FPSs in general are on the decline and games like League and Overwatch are far more popular - the latter set don't have as much of a reward for pure mechanical skill as chaining rocket jumps or air strafing, meaning that newbies are less likely to be utterly stomped by those of high skill level, and those with lesser mechanical skill can fight and even trump those that're better through superior team play, team composition, or tactical play.


Anything that scares off new players too much is going to be the death of a multiplayer game. And with gaming being less niche and far more options being available, people just aren't as willing to force themselves through being completely destroyed by people who seem to be outright breaking the game with their tech level before enjoying the game.

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@DoctorGenesis, I think a skit of sorlag eating Zorax would be hilarious. As for obnoxious, All the champions are like that honestly.

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TotalBiscuit made good points, Recommended to watch if you haven't already.


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