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DOOM on Raspberry in 2016 ...which way?

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Right now I'd recommend sticking with 32-bit until things stabilize a bit on 64-bit from the OS side. 64-bit confers no major benefits until you are at at least 2 gigs of memory or more.


I am not sure what the register situation is like on ARM, though, regarding 32-bit vs 64-bit.

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I think (not 100% sure but one of the openjdk guys in my office could confirm, I'll ask him later) that the register situation is pretty much the same in either mode, so there's no real advantage. The pI only has 1G of RAM so there's no addressing benefit and the relative cost of pointer overhead is that much more severe. I'm finding it generally unusable but that might not be because it's in 64 bit mode, pure Debian likely lacks many of the out of tree  patches to raspbian (to the kernel, or to X, etc.) to make it usable.

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11 hours ago, Rachael said:

What I am thinking of doing is activating GZDoom's legacy renderer for GL ES, to see if that works. GL ES 3.0 does support the modern rendering path (inasmuch as you can get it working) but GL ES 2.0 apparently does not.


Not without a lot of work. GLES 2.x does not support immediate mode and has some severe restrictions about using buffers. If used wrong this can cause massive slowdowns.

I don't know what D Touch did here, but it wouldn't surprise me if it stuck to GLES 1.x.


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Well either way, I need a distro that supports hardware acceleration in order to port it over and test it. And that won't come until I have a spare SD card to stick it onto. >_<

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3 hours ago, jcook84 said:


This is a thread from three months ago. And no, probably not, since Raspberry Pi doesn't run Android?

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