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RHG 45

PSX Doom The Fall Of Triton Megawad

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The "Fall of Triton" Megawad is a psx themed wad. The wad is created for playstation 1 Doom fans that would like more wads just like the original. There are some out there but not as much as I hoped. So I took it as a challenge to replace all of the Doom 2 levels with psx themed maps. For most of the game you are in hell (From Map 09 to 30) That is because I think that hell themed maps have the best design and have a very creepy atmosphere to them. Yes there will be 8 Tech base themed levels as well. I am not going to use any new monsters or guns that are not familiar to the psx doom universe however later on I am going to add in Nightmare Spectres.

The map has been worked on for a lot of time, I have been replacing all of the sounds and music from the pc and adding all of the ps1 sounds and music in. I have done this by using slade.
I have currently just finished map 09 (The Gates Of Hell) and have released it as the first demo of the wad.

(All GZDOOM Players, you might need to change the name to fot.wad)

Map 10 (The Forsaken Keep) is now complete!

Map 11 (Burning Blood)  is now complete! (I took your advice with this level, thanks everyone)

If you don't want to play the demo but are interested in what the wad is going to turn out like, Watch some video's of the level:




I have had a lot of inspirations from other doom wads as well as the original ones from the ps1.

Levels from PS1 Doom:

Command Center: Love the Atmosphere, Good texture use.
Spawning Vats: Again I love the look of the level
Threshold Of Pain: My favourite Doom level!


Innocence X: Brilliant Design
Threshold Of Pain: My favourite wad! ( ironic I know)
Threshold Of Pain2: Great Tech maps

Thanks you for everyone who is read this post! I hope you are interested in it, It is going to take a lot of work but I think it will be worth it in the long run (:

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The work of a beginner in mapping, all square and monotonously flat. The balance is heavily tilted in the abundance of ammo. Yes, stone walls can be so thin. Play more in real Doom.

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Some advices:

Less rectangles. Try to make rounded corners, diagonal rooms, etc. Exploring square room after square room is boring.

Doors are simple, but important to get right. Make sure that the door tracks are lower unpegged so that they don't move up and down when the door itself is opening or closing. The first few doors int the level have it set correctly, but not the rest.

Speaking of lower unpegged, you have that flag set on the walls that reveal pack of monsters in the last section. The result is that when the walls lower, they seem to melt, which is a bit weird especially with the moving floor sound effect. If you don't put that flag there, it'll look like the entire wall is lowering into the floor, instead of melting away.

Also, use "local door" actions rather than "remote door" actions. That allows the player to trigger their opening/closing even when they are already moving. In technical terms, since you're using UDMF ZDoom format, all you need to do is to leave the sector tag argument of your generic doors to 0.

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Ooh, I like seeing PSX projects. :)

I agree with the other member's criticisms on room shapes, ammo distribution, etc. But I see great potential, too. The room at 1:54 of the first video has a cool layout. Of course more could be added to make the room less boxy. Perhaps some different structures inside the lava, or even a few lost souls (or other creatures) in it, so when the player reaches the ledge, the monsters see them and fly/teleport up? I also like the star shape of the beginning room.

Keep going with this project, experiment with details/interesting shapes, and don't be afraid to ask for playtesters if you're unsure how a map will play out. :)

Have a great day, and God bless.

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There is nothing objectively wrong with rectangular layouts, provided they're competently detailed and include height variation and other interesting geometry. I would suggest adding some support pillars in the corners to improve the room aesthetic though.

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Spectre01 said:

There is nothing objectively wrong with rectangular layouts, provided they're competently detailed and include height variation and other interesting geometry. I would suggest adding some support pillars in the corners to improve the room aesthetic though.

It probably depends if one wants to have some realism into the maps.

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Thanks for the comments and feedback just a couple of points.

This is my FIRST real project I have taken up, I have made little maps here and there but this is my first attempt at a big project.
Also I tried to copy PS1 Doom too much with the simple rooms with basic decoration. In future I will not stick to square or rectangle rooms and I will decorate the room even more. I have been working on the next map and I think it looks better but it still does not reach the requirement.
I needed all of this feedback so thank you because now I have something to work on. So hopefully in the upcoming weeks the design of the level will be better.
As for ammunition and enemy balance I have improved that a bit on the next level but I am going to make it a lot more challenging in the upcoming levels.

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I really should of Done better, Threshold of pain and Twilight Descends are some of my favourite maps. I will definitely look into them maps.

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