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GZDB Selecting issue

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in GZDB, i'm pretty sure that Shift+lmb is supposed to select textures untill it "reaches" a different one.

It works well with most of my maps, but i'm making one map in question that this doesn't seem to work: i have two rooms and a door, the two rooms have the same floor texture, but the door doesn't, the door is supposed to separate the two rooms as it does with the other maps, but that doesn't happen.

What could it be?

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Da Werecat said:

Maybe the rooms share a sector.

I don't think so, they're separated by a door with a different floor.
This doesn't seem to be happening to ceilings.

ok, it seems to be working, but only because both "openings" on the room have been sealed by different textures, is this normal behaviour?

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RanhDoomer said:

I don't think so, they're separated by a door with a different floor.

It is possible for a single sector to consist of several parts that are disjoint (not touching each other) - this happens when you join/merge sectors, or when you draw a new sector in such a way that it splits an existing sector into disjoint parts. As a result, trying to select one part of such a sector will always select the whole sector - this is normal, because it's supposed to select a whole sector, not just a part of it. To "unjoin" disjoint parts of a joined sector, go to "Make Sector" mode and click one of the parts.

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Yeah it could be they're the same sector. Did you draw both rooms at once, and then draw the door in between them? That could well have left you with one sector split in two, not two sectors.

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