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Final doom fix

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Use the original exes.
That maps are designed for them.

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Skatepunk60 said:

i know they work fine on the original .exes but i was wondering if perhaps there was another way for me to get that patch

However, there are a couple of visplane bugs in map 27, so it's best to use a source port. (but not Legacy, as the torch puzzle in map 30 won't work properly)

ZDoom actually recognises Plutonia and TNT, so it uses the correct map names anyway.

The alternative is to make a dehacked patch yourself containing the different map names. (if you know how to)

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When Final Doom was released the executable was different than the regular Doom2.exe. We had some issues with a couple of bugs of Final Doom and we asked ID for a fix because legally it's their product and not ours. Go to teamtnt.com website and look under Final Doom where we have some files there and some comments about them. Final Doom is not designed to play under Doom Legacy and ZDoom. There is that possibility that some tags and triggers may not work properly. If I was going to use a source port on it I think PrBoom would probably be better suited, it will give you higher resolutions and keep everything pretty well intact.

Cadman - Member TeamTNT

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