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Could someone fix this?(question about pallete)

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So,I've tried to create custom pallette,but it's not very good. Long story short,this uses a lot of pink,purple and some teal and things are look weird in some places. I want use that pallette in the future projects,but first I need to know if this stuff is repairable.
I know,I could use Ancient Aliens pallette,but I want try something different from that.

I made screenshots how this pallete looks in game(I used random oblige wad for testing purposes)


In link,I provided custom PLAYPAL file.

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So, are you looking for technical advice/help on how to edit a palette, or for artistic advice/help on how to make a palette look good?

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Well,it would be great if people could tell me both things. I looked and read in doom/zdoom wikis about custom pallettes and colourmaps,but I think experience from people would be more interesting.

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I've been thinking about this and I have a theory, that the color wheel is just like music. There are patterns. If you arbitrarily select a primary color, then the other two primary colors will be shifted to the left or right by the same degree. I see this as modal playing in music. That's where my mindset is coming from. After you figure out your three primary colors your secondaries will fall in to place and so on. Drawing three equidistant lines from the center of the color wheel to your primaries would allow you to keep track of your choices. Basically it'd be like a decoder ring or cipher. You could then look at the different saturations and adjust to correspond with the original Doom pallette.


Red becomes Purple, Blue becomes Green, and Yellow becomes Orange. For primaries. Then your secondaries are Red, Blue and Yellow. Light Red is Light Purple and so on. I'm sure the look you're going for has its own wheel that follows this pattern.


I don't know if that helps or not.

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