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Some Textures

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These are some textures I made that may or may not be helpful to Freedoom, Zauberer or Blasphemer.
Source: A photo by leodoom85, I first made a (4x1) wide skybox from the photo, then he gave me permission to suggest it to Freedoom, this is a condensed version of the bigger sky, Doom Paletted.
Source: A photo I took of my wooden drawer, Doom Paletted and Source Full-Color.
Marble variants, they were made using Freedoom's marble, Non-Doom Paletted but doesn't have any issues when converted.
Feel free to add them to any Freedoom or Freedoom-like project.


Grass, may be too bright, from a picture I took of my backyard.


Ground, from the same picture as above.

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I've been taking some more photos of stuff, I'll update this thread if I come up with anything decent.

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