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Remove Religious Imagery

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Freedoom isnt Doom. Our monsters are not from hell. There is no reason for the obvious religious imagery of the very few textures and in a few maps.

All the textures with images are based on other textures, should be easy to put something neutral in.

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I agree. A while ago I thought that some alien symbols could be used instead. However this suggestion wasn't picked up and I don't have any designs for such symbols so far.

Perhaps something like the Zerg symbol in StarCraft II would be appropriate, considering the nature of some of the monsters.

A very simple but equally unoriginal solution could be to use the runes from the teleporter flats.

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I don't believe that seeking originality means recognizable elements should be stripped away, because it removes implicit background story.

Hundreds of years of folk tales from different cultures (and more than just one religion) have given the concept of "Hell" a much stronger connotation and richer lore associated to it than what Fredoom's "Horizon" will likely ever have.
To me a story is original when it takes old concepts and puts them in a new light. To be able to create new concepts from scratch requires extensive backstory, which is hard to do in Freedom with so little chances for in-game explanations.

But if Freedoom is not set in Hell I agree that it makes sense to choose a different symbology.

I still think it would be nice if Fredoom borrowed from some other lore.. like Lovecraft's (which is copyright-free), and it would also help to give it a more established direction.
Lovecraft's horror is, after all, "cosmic" horror. The "Elder Ones" from Lovecraft are aliens too, it would be plausible for Freedoom alien creatures to be related. Maybe the weirdly human-looking name of "Horizon" should be renamed to something more appropriate for an elder tongue. "Xo'Nishgar", "Rhogg-Ka", "Tel'Nimrad" or some other strange alien word, just like the alien cities in the mythos.

A rendition of Lovecraft's elder sign:

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