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We Are Number One But It's In A Playable Doom WAD

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Ever since my WAD on LazyTown's "The Mine Song" was released, many people on my YouTube channel wanted a Doom WAD based on the song "We Are Number One". Their wish is my command, as I made a Doom WAD based on that song! It also took me over three weeks to make, and this WAD also has two endings depending on who's side you choose. GZDoom is also recommended, or any other source port that runs OpenGL.

Below is a video with some gameplay of the WAD, as well as links to the WAD.

Go here to get the WAD (the link is on the bottom of the page):

Or go here for the direct link:

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Is this compatible with H Doom?

I like the version that throws the net and banana, still good for a laugh.

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