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Community Mafia Game

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Do you want to play the party game called "Mafia"? The rules and expectations are completely arbitrary yet based on the obviously brilliant premise found here: https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Game_of_Mafia

Please post in this thread if you want to play. Once we reach about12-ish people we can play a proper game. The previous games we played on Doomworld can be found here: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/everything-else/68288-dw-mafia-game-day-2/



also Clonehunter ran an entirely successful game which I don't have a link for but it totally happened and I didn't play because I didn't have time the but the conclusion was entirely satisfactory and everyone sported an erection and eventually reached climax because Doomworld is great and we know how to play a proper game of Mafia. It's not that hard, we learn by trial and error, anyway.


Please let me know that you are interested by posting in this thread "I will play" and I will all send you private messages that allow us to play the party game of Mafia.

The deadline is: when we reach critical mass of # intestered players (about or around one dozen or more)

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Contained to Doomworld. No additional downloads. It's a social party game. The rules are incredibly clear and straightforward. Basically it's like the TV show Survivor except you have a team to play on. But you don't know anyone else's team allegiance and you are trying to vote other people off the island by lynching them. It is Town vs Mafia, and the Mafia get to kill one person each "Night" phase, which transpires after we lynch someone. So the Mafia is trying to kill everyone before the Town can lynch all Mafia players. It is incredibly easy and takes a small amount of strategy to win. Again it is a team game, but as far as anyone knows, you are all on the same "team", except the Mafia players who happen to be the informed minority. They get to create a havoc and muck about with the socializing that goes on. 



Also the game is separated into "Day" and "Night" but the duration of each has no bearing on the real world. A "Day" in the game lasts as long as it takes for the Town to decide to eliminate a player by lynch. So it could take 2 days or 2 weeks. So you don't have to worry about a time commitment here. As you can imagine it is kind of hard to get 51% of the people to agree on eliminating any single player, so it can take a few 24 hour cycles before a decision is ever reached and the game moves forward.

And so on. Please leave any questions here I would be happy to answer.



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Just now, Clonehunter said:

Good memories. 

No posting private messages this time, you cheating cunt!

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That's because it was flubbernugget who hosted the last one.

RIP in pieces flubbernugget


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Ooo sorry flubbernugget sorry to scrub the glory from your name :0 for some reason I remembered it as clonehunter.

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Don't know what I'm signing up for, but hit me with a PM.


edit: nvm

Edited by Voros

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