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What are you listening to?

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Started listening to some prog lately and it is not bad at all. I don't get as excited about it as with Maiden and other similar bands, but still, I love it (and having 9-12 minutes of great music never gets old).


This one is amazing!!! (the 50 second intro is a bit of an ear rape the first time, but the rest of the song is awesome):


Also enjoyed this, as a happier song (by the way, I am not that much into art in general, yet Roger Dean's drawings are out of this world - easily a favourite of mine and that's without talking about his Amiga covers):


Finally, a friend told me to give a listen to this and it too was good (the part with the synthesizer and the chorus after the singer says "IN THE COURT OF THE CRIMSOOOON KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING" is dream like - but every damn video on youtube had to have garbage quality and the live was better in some cases from the studio recording, which sucks for a song of such magnitude):


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The stuff that I'm listening to at the moment:



Blessthefall | Hard Feelings

Bought the album and really enjoying it. This song is probably my favourite.



Light the Torch | Revival

Bought this one as well. Nothing new or unheard but a fun album nontheless.



For the Fallen Dreams

Haven't bought the album but I love this song.


Also got the new A Perfect Circle album to check out.

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"I chant your names this sombre night
To unchain thy forces of malignant arts,
The spirits of bleak dimensions
To pierce my burning wicked heart.

In the name of the unholy I die,
As I drift into damnation
The vortex of chaos appears,
My death will be creation.

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@ShoDemoThen, listen to prog metal if you still want to get excited will listening to something progessive haha, such has Queensryche for instance.




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19 hours ago, Myst.Haruko said:

Mega Drive - I Am The Program

I like how the artwork for that song in the thumbnail looks like this from 40K: Space Marine.  Of course, I also like the song :-P

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10 hours ago, Mayhem666 said:

@ShoDemoThen, listen to prog metal if you still want to get excited will listening to something progessive haha, such has Queensryche for instance.


Had only heard about Mindcrime being a really good album, although I never gave it a listen.

Cool song, nice instruments and rhythm, but did they have to call the character Mary, just to annoy me? I had to search, just to see that the album is a concept album, just to not worry and listen to the song freely.


In case you are wondering why I said that, in music I am that guy... when I see pentagrams and lyrics that are offensive to God and stuff, I will just skip the song/album/artist I was listening to, even if they make those just to tease someone and don't actually believe in that. This is why I don't listen to Slayer for an example and with their last album, I got triggered as much as I could - still 2 songs I listened to were ok and heavy, but that wasn't enough for me. 

Or I freaking hate Number of the Beast as a song, (while the album was great for the most part) but the song also felt to be one of the lamest Maiden song I've heard, after the songs from A matter of Life and Death and Bring your Daughter to the slaughter. The riff is ok, but the damn lyrics I couldn't enjoy at all. I swear, this song's reason for existence must have been only to tease the priests in the 80s, that went loose with the accusations about satanic music and playing the records backwards to have a secret meaning revealed, e.t.c. (priests in my country would even accuse disco of being satanic music, so I guess that teasing those crazy priests is a more than good thing to do) 


Other example is with Rotting Christ. They are from my country and they produce some nice music at parts (it has good atmosphere if I could describe it), but I obviously don't listen to them. By the way, I was laughing my ass off when I heard that they got arrested just for their name, in Georgia I think. Like, what can accuse them for in order to arrest them???


Generally, I am not into prog metal much, except when I listened some Dream Theater. My reactions with their songs were a mixed bag. I like some, I get bored by others. Loved these 3 songs though:




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