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What are you listening to?

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I have been going through all of my Cannibal Corpse CD's. I don't listen to much "extreme" music but i guess they are the most "brutal" band that i listen too, even though they are really well known and there are heavier forms of music out there today. But i still dig 'em quite a bit.


The music starts at around 1:20. It's the "Gallery of Suicide" album from 1998 as that's currently what i'm listening too from CC.





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10 hours ago, Empyre said:

I'm listening to this right now. I had never heard of them before, but I wish I had. I am loving what I am hearing. I often like the instruments in metal music but not the vocals, but I like this. I have heard people say that women's voices don't fit metal music. This is a counterexample.

As far as I know, usually this kind of female voices are generally used in gothic and symphonic metal. In my opinion, Arven sound more like a heavy metal band with a special vibe than a gothic or symphonic metal band. Anyways, metal sub-genre are a real puzzle, I think each of us have his own definition of metal music, what fit or not to metal genre rest on the sensitivity of each person.

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"As we died because of our ignorance,
As we died because of greed,
Because of our stupidity
Now I'm the last one to scream.

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@DesecratorJ Ya, this is yet another question xdd, I'm just wondering every now and then what you think about various works of art I post around here. Whaddaya think about Crematory?

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