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The opening of the latest Saint Seiya spin off is pretty envoyable and catchy, in my opinion.

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I listening to the lyrics of Try Everything from the "BEST" movie ever, Zootopia


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21 hours ago, Master O said:

Who's gonna make the "needs more cowbell" joke?

I remember that very funny SNL sketch. I was going to say "More cowbell is required for optimal results.", but the song already has exactly the right amount of cowbell.

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Picture this:


It's 1997. You ask a bunch of big-name JRPG and anime music composers to actually do a non-game work - their own vision of what life would sound like 200 years from then.


You then compile it into one album and release it to the world.


The end result: 2197.






There's four of my favorite tracks from the album. If you'd like the whole shebang, you can find it here.

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