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I finally got my shirt from this album, which I still don't understand why I took so many years to get it.


(I already had the Emperor EP shirt)

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I can't believe I missed Grevlar, which is basically Timeghoul AD.


This is so exciting <3.

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Posted (edited)

I've started listening to ASP again recently.


It's not really a funny or interesting story, but I first found out about them in 2002. My older brother was looking for songs on Audiogalaxy (Yeah, back when that was a free pirating service), and he asked me if I learned any new words in German class today. We had learned several, but I told him tanzten (dancing), typed it in, and there was Und Wir Tanzten by ASP. Fell in love with them, but I haven't really listened to them that much since maybe 2008; so I figured I'd listen to them again. And I actually think they're still really good. 


Only music video I could find is of Me from Aus der Tiefe. I wanted to post this as a hyperlink since it's a huge image, but I'm sure people are more likely to click on a video link.

But Tiles is the ASP song that really gets into my head.


Edited by Jello

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Posted (edited)


"Fyre made flesh, 
On the Fields of Cremation
Comes the Chariot of Blackened Fyre
That brings fearsome Death.

I am the Fyre that enters the temple and eats the hearts of the priests,
I turn into ashes your offering, prayers to the false one.

Curse You All that gave up sight!
Fall under that cross, image, dog,
None of you shall look upon me,
I am the Horns of Death,
The One who pours the End...

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I have this knife
It's a good knife

Well, what have we here?

You all look a little scared

Or should I say prepared

For you may be our next meal

Casey, rip off their flesh
Mike, drain me a glass of blood

Harden, prepare to make carcass stew

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