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Might actually be my favorite Ozrics song, definitely my favorite as of late. The melodies and how all the instruments blend is fantastic.

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You have just crossed the point of no return and you already regret it. Death reigns in these places, fire burns and zombies growl in your presence. You know that nothing happens by chance, but you do not know the causes of a such disaster. You don't have time to think, shelters are very rare. You find a multitude of objects on your way, like a mysterious briefcase on a bus but you don't even have time to examine it in the details that a horde of infected people are already chasing you..........

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Let's go for a random listening, after several clicks on the random band button of the metal archives website and skip many black metal bands and other stuff that I don't care about, I come across on this band which have good reviews scores, so I choose to give a listening on their first album.



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