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I was going to listen to Permanent Waves by Rush but somehow wound up listening to this:



I may have to quit the internet now.  There is nothing left to see.

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9 hours ago, Doom_Dude said:


Nice! Django is still my all time favorite guitarist.


And now on topic:


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I never played this game ... never will


But discovered the soundtrack from Hell Revealed


Some good tunes in here I stole one for my soon to be released lvl hah hah



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5 minutes ago, CyberDreams said:

Quake II OST again lol. This also has the music from the expansion packs which is pretty neat too.

Anytime I think of the Quake II OST I go back to this gem.

(if you didn't know he plays a track from Quake II in the set, with Sonic Mayhem)

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Ripped this song from a cassette tape I own. Got told by YouTube that this is blocked in some countries because copyright stuff blahblahblah (didn't know the algorithm would also check the video's song melodies), so if you're 'Murican/Puerto Rican/a citizen of other US-governed countries, well, I'm sorry. It's basically a dangdut rendition of Hotel California, which is also my favorite song.


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