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Even in the Doom 2016 OST, it is possible to find peace and tranquility.



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The Black Lotus is perhaps the most legendary Amiga demoscene group. This demo, ranked 1st in its category at Assembly 2006, was meant to be their farewell to the Amiga so they could move to more powerful hardware such as the Playstation Portable and PC. They eventually came back, though. This particular demo requires an Amiga 1200 with a 100Mhz 68060 accelerator. The slight hitching you see is the result of the A1200's DMA being a little too slow to handle it.


The scene where the view pans back from a crow's eye influenced a scene in the PC group Andromeda Software Development's "Lifeforce" demo in 2007.



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1 minute ago, therektafire said:

Are those realtime 3d renders or prerendered? :o

That's a good question. I'm guessing that at a minimum they were loaded into RAM for precalc, thus not true realtime generation. They have a lot of tricks. ;)



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3 minutes ago, TheMightyHeracross said:


You can simply post full youtube links and they will be embedded automatically and work perfectly ;)

In meantime, this


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