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4 hours ago, tourniquet said:

^ the best Cure Album next to 'Faith' and 'Seventeen Seconds'

I agree. After pornography the whole dynamic changed (not in a bad a way) and the music had lots of added depth and differentiation to varying results. But I prefer the simplicity of the the dark trilogy. My only gripe was drummer Lol Tolhurst's lack of creativity. Every album has some identical drum beat which felt lazy and could've been avoided.

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Been listening to an Egyptian theme lately:

Nice melody! I didn't know of this song until 2 days ago.

Easily the best Rainbow song from the first 3 albums. Rich in meaning and melody.

Nice everything in the song! (I guess Dio had a thing for Egypt...)

Making a more badass Egyptian song than this one is a very hard task. The riff at the beginning and generally the whole song fits the theme perfectly.

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Sometimes I change it up a bit and listen to something other than deafening industrial and moody goth music.

REALLY great band from my hometown. 


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Stumbled upon this today and couldn't resist buying it. Sountrack of a late 70s porn flick with some very funky tunes :D



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