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as I adjust to the darker evenings and suddenly colder weather in South Carolina, I'm finding myself very hypnotized by this piece and Feldman's 1980 trio for piano/violin/cello



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So it's another day of Russian material. This is a parkour/freerunning video made back in 2007 by the Deviants team out of Saint Petersburg. The background music is from "Ya Rep" by the Russian rapper St1m, though I'm betting it was sampled from something else. 


The Deviants team IMO produced the best freerunning videos at that time, not so much because they had the most death-defying tricks, but because their productions had so much style. Excellent camera technique and superb editing beautifully complement the liquid flow of their runners. 



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This one is a little crazier. The flying Frisbee catch while jumping from one roof to another at 1:40 is totally sick. The music is "Sophia" by 4hero.



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On 10/8/2017 at 8:32 PM, Neurosis said:

@Steve D wow who was the sound technician because they even had Gaga's mix lower at one point. AMATEURS. Anyway it was still kick ass, have this



@Neurosis So basically, I was gone for a month right after you put this up. ;D  Thanks, I didn't know about them before. Nice screams at the end  to emphasize the punkish tinge. And here's a little Gaga for ya, intimate setting in Copenhagen. Gaga slays on this Edith Piaf cover, but dem horns . . . :D



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5 hours ago, Yugiboy85 said:


Dan terminus's new album, "Automated refrains". Been waiting for this for a little while haha :D

check a few posts above yours :p

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