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I love it when old guys can still kick ass. And when the crowd comes in on the chorus . . . dayum!



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Been discovering some NWOBHM band lately and these songs are the highlights of my search:

Only 3 albums from this band, near the 80s, but they have really good quality! If only they were a bit more well known...


What someone can find in youtube is amazing. This heaviness in their sound I can't fully describe. They are awesome!

As a band I think that they must have changed so many members all this time, that it is ridiculous. But what a great debut album!

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Hm. Four tracks I added to my playlist over this incredibly hazy summer.

This was a thing. I didn't care for the first single so I'd forgotten to check back on the new album. Gorillaz are dope.


I follow a raver Instagram my buddy from the UK recommended, so now this is impossibly stuck in my head. Doesn't help I was off my tits when I heard it either. Good stuff.


Love Chromeo; saw them live in St. Louis a few years ago when White Women came out. Oliver opened for them. Was a great time. I don't understand why they don't get more mainstream airing. Anyway, didn't know this was coming out until it did.


This is an example of why I don't understand more people not knowing about Chromeo. I like some bubblegum pop, don't get me wrong, but after dating 18-20 year olds here recently I have to say the Top 40 pops get worse every year. Also, very few people in that age group are interested in anything more than ten years old, which is horrifying to me as a fan of music from the 1950's-to now (and some earlier than that) so I love listening to new or new-to-me muisc. I'll save you the horror of the video (which is stupid and makes zero sense), but this is one of the few newer songs I genuinely enjoy. Don't date ten years younger than you. I think it ages you faster.


I gotta stop trying to be clever with my posts.

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I just recently discovered this Metal group. I really like them. Heavy / Crunchy without going over the top, with some nice clean singing and melodies. Good on them!



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Metalcore that actually doesn't sound generic + nice guitar riff + waifu? Aside from all that, this is one of the greatest songs I've heard in a while.

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