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Doom Builder 2

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Hi again. First of all, I have to say the new Doomworld looks cool. Getting used to it and I will miss Post Hell and the active threads button or whatever it was called (the one on the top right of the old page).

Now that this is out of the way, let's talk about Editing. I sketched a map 2 days ago, the way I imagined it and decided how the map will look like. I also wrote a short story about it. But, a lot of time has passed from when I last attempted to make a map. I stopped trying, due to a 30 seconds going upwards door problem (or near that time) and I seem to have forgotten a lot of things ever since.

So, could you recommend me a series of guides for Doom Builder 2 that are up to date, start easy and then go advanced? I checked alysium x's tutorials on my first attempt a few years back.

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Check them again, AlysiumX is the best. (there's also Ling's tutorial series in the Tutorials forum... that thing still exists right?)

Especially the "THANK YOU FOR WATCHING" in the end of each video, he says it absolutely identically every time.

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Thanks for replying bzzrak!  I will give them a go again if you say so and will search for Ling's ones. Unfortunately, I have very little time at the moment, so I will have to wait for a bit, before I start mapping and during that time I will be watching the tutorials. It is a necessary evil, in my opinion, but it will be well worth the time, when I will finally get the knowledge I need out of this. 

Edited by ShotgunDemolition

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Thank you Kappes Buur. I am a guy that uses visual memory more than auditory. And since the guide you sent me has photos and analytical instructions, I won't skip it.

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