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Naked Snake


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You stare down at the body of your fallen comrade,his face half eaten and and pool of blood where his heart was ripped out.You grab his shotgun and check it.Broken,the barrel is bent and the stick is cracked.You toss it and grab the backpack he had on.You get up and press the switch to open the large door in front of you.You peek your head around the corner and see nothing.Slowly you creep into the room,the only sounds you hear are your footsteps and some strange bubbling noise.
The next room has a long bridge.In the middle is a shotgun.Using the binoculars on your helmet you see that it is in working order.Almost jumping for joy you slowly walk onto the bridge.Suddenly,you hear a grinding sound as the bridge starts to dip into the lava next to you.You run faster and as you pass the shotgun you scoop it up without stopping.You wait in the next room for what seems like hours as you load your shotgun and look for a way out...


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I don't mind reading this stuff, but why not make it all into one big story? Then Parts 2-3 could be E3M2 and E3M3.

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