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Weird HOM in my map

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Hi everyone,


I'm doing a map for FreeDM and there is a HOM on it. At least, when I play with Chocolate-Doom. The wall has the correct sector reference and it's one-sided. All I have to do is to move one of the vertices (vertex) of this wall to fix the bug. I don't know why it happens, maybe a bug in the node builder? I have tried ZenNode, DeepBSP and BSP-W32 from the Doom Builder config. They all give the same result (are they based on the same code?). 




Chocolate-Doom :



Download: https://ufile.io/58542



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I'm pretty sure that it's a nodebuilder error and that it's caused by linedef 779 being almost but not perfectly collinear with linedef 775 next to it, which might make node builders think that they're perfectly collinear (due to math imprecisions) and treat them as such.

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