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Jaws In Space

DoomBuilder 2 bizarre minor problem

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Okay so I've had a weird suspicion for awhile now that Doom Builder 2 has been making weird tiny adjustments to my maps. For some reason these tiny adjustments became apparent enough wile I was editing FreeDoom map 21 that I have to ask someone if they now what the problem may be. It started earlier today when I noticed that a Support3 texture had suddenly become 32 units long instead of the 24 I had set it to. Then just now I noticed that 2 lamps that I never even touched had somehow moved. And then there is a line that was perfectly straight on the map that had one vertex shift south by 16 grid units. I've had other issues in the past where I notice dumb small changes like this, but I just assumed that I had made a mistake somewhere, but now I'm not convinced. Am I crazy? Is DoomBuilder fucking with me? Someone let me know because these tiny changes are driving me nuts.




Okay I just remembered another one. In this post, Map 29 of Revilution had a Demon that was offset that cased him get stuck in a wall & not teleport. Is it Doom Builder? Is it the node builder? Am I just making these changes without noticing them? Where they already there? Do I have split personality disorder & my evil self is offsetting my things? What's going on, I'm loosing my mind.


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Sometimes the things/vertices/etc. remain selected and get moved around together with the item being currently edited. I also noticed that several times, but didn't investigate it deeper. There must be something with selection mechanism in DoomBuilder (be it a bug or a design choice).


I think I've seen some explanation to this somewhere in another thread...

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It's surprisingly easy to have a random Thing or Vertex selected somewhere you accidentally move when trying to move something else. For example, did you know that if you accidentally select a Thing when trying to select a wall Texture, and press "up" to move the Texture offset, you'll also move the Thing 8 units? As a general practice, hit C to clear your selection frequently to prevent this happening.


If you're concerned it's a bug, then move over to GZDoomBuilder BugFix, as DB2 hasn't been in development for years.

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4 minutes ago, Bauul said:

As a general practice, hit C to clear your selection frequently to prevent this happening.

Pretty much this. I still get minor annoyances from DB2 moving a bunch of things because I forgot to deselect them before tweaking some sector or line or whatever.

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