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Adding screenshots to "Downloads"

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First of all: Brilliant work on the new site visuals, this was really about time and it's looking amazing, well done everyone involved. One question though: How can add one screenshots to entries in the "Downloads" area? Or even edit entries of one's own? I would like to update some of my entries with screenshots and information.


Best regards,


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The plan is to let people have ownership over their own files and add screenshots and updates and so forth. Of course, since I'm the developer, it might never happen, since ... well ... there are people around who might be a better choice for maintaining a large community page, right?

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Touché - but as I already stated at ZDoom.org, this is nothing personal but more something about how close and active you seem to be in the community. Some people from the Doomworld staff are very active and seem to know more closely what the users and visitors might demand, as I have the feeling that you are only active casually - what would explain the surprising software choice.


Could be subjective to me though as I can't watch behind the curtain. For something else: I posted a news item at the Realm about my thoughts of the new design already 12 hours ago, just to make sure you believe me when I say that this is nothing that I meant mean or personal ;)

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