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Officer D

Unreal Engine 1 (UEd 2.0)

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I've used quite a few editors in my time, but the one I stuck with was the Unreal Editor 2.0. In the past I was a very active premium member on Germany's biggest unreal editor site, providing support to the community. However the unreal community has pretty much died in the last 6 years. I have also moved on and my passion for level design has faded.

I must of designed hundreds of maps but only a few were meant for the public. I still have some of them available on my moddb profile and would like to share some of my videos with you.


This was my last map to be released to the public :



You might recognize some EvilLair textures in this map. Many Doom mappers use them. Unfortunately my Dead Space map was lost on a system format. It never was completed :



And ofc there had to be a E1M1 remake :



This was just an cool idea using zone portals in creating a hyper cube :



Fun ideas put together in a map I never released and also was lost on the system formatting :



Now-days with family and job there is not much time and motivation left for level design. I still work on simple small projects that require some sort of creativity but that's about it.


I wish I would of created some maps for Doom as well back then. But after finding my passion with the UEd I didn't feel like taking a step backwards with older games at the time. No I regret it. Doom has such a great community providing amazing stuff for everybody else.

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Actually, if you're looking for professional work, or just another Unreal game to mod, I suggest looking at Postal 2. It has a more active modding community than a lot of other old Unreal games, and the developer is always updating the game even to this day.


Of course, that depends entirely on if you like or dislike the game. :P

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