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Ultimate Freedoomer

Idea for the secret levels

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I just thought of a way we could improve on the Phase 2 secret levels (considering the state they're in Compared to other MAPXX Iwad secret levels): you know how the Doom II: Hell on Earth secret levels paid homage to Wolfenstein 3D? Well, with the theme of homages, how about the Freedoom: Phase 2 & FreeDM secret levels paying homage to that other cult classic among open-source sci-fi first-person shooters: Marathon. This way, we could put textures that aren't obviously "Doom 2 secret level-y" in the secret levels while continuing the theme of homages in the secrets. As far as how the enemy homages would go:

  • Marathon 1 Enforcers would replace the SS Nazis. We would need to change the proportions to make them fit with the SS Nazi proportions.
  • Breakable circuit boards would replace the Commander Keens

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I'm still keen on the idea of the existing MAP31 being improved, followed by a Shadow of the Wool Ball special for MAP32.

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I know Marathon is free to download and play, but is it free to include parts of it into something BSD-licensed?

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20 minutes ago, Da Werecat said:

is it free to include parts of it into something BSD-licensed?

I doubt it.




Wow... can I do whatever I want with this stuff?

NO. Bungie still holds the copyrights to these files. They're allowing them to be distributed for free (mostly because you can't buy them any more) - but they're still Bungie's intellectual property. You can't, for example, sell them.


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I thought it was agreed on that map31 will be the current stealth-based map and map32 will be a SotWB map.


edit: FreeDM? Unnecessary, given that it's not supposed to have any kind of progression, just DM maps that one can load up out of 32 and play.

Edited by Voros

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Pretty much what I'm getting at, yeah.

I think, for my slots at least (which include the secrets) I'm going to have to repeat the manta "NO MAP IDEAS, ONLY MAPS FOR MISSING SLOTS" to anyone who pops up like this. :P

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