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Issues Running WADS with GZDoom

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So I am having a problem trying to run custom WAD through GZDoom. I know I can drag/drop onto the executable but once it launches, it comes up with a menu of IWAD's and then it loads the IWAD maps without loading the WAD maps. So it doesnt seem to care that I am trying to load a different wad.

I have another similar issue trying to run Brutal Doom using GZDoom, where if I can get it to open the Brutal Doom WAD ( named "hellonearthstarterpack.wad" ) it won't open anything else, no other wads or anything. I would like to play through D2 with the brutal doom weapons/sprites/enemies but I'm not sure if it is possible at this point.

Here is an image of my bane.


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There's no problem here. What's happening is that the WAD you are loading is only a PWAD that replaces certain parts of the game (like maps or graphics) but doesn't run on its own. All it means is that the WAD doesn't use the IWAD property in its GAMEINFO lump to autoload an IWAD. So what do you do? Just choose an IWAD, most likely Doom 2. Check the TXT file that should accompany the WAD and it will tell you what game it's for and what is replaced.


In other words, to run a WAD that has new maps you still choose Doom 2, but then the new maps will have replaced the old ones for as long as the game is running.

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