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WAD: Maze with Monsters

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Herewith a maze stuffed with few monsters. It can be a funny quest to look behind the walls...

The texture, wad, is based on the textures of lost civ. from this forum.


runit with:

prboom -iwad doom2.wad -file doom2-nat.wad em3.wad

(packed with 7zr)


In em5-red-maze.zip, the maze (the right side one) might be letting you enter, but... who really knows if you'll exit the maze...


The file for the textures is herewith doom2-nat.wad at the following url:

File: https://www.sendspace.com/file/k9ou02


Have Fun





Edited by doom5962

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Soo.. I couldn't open "em3-maze-basic.zip". Might be corrupted.


What can I say? Map name checks out, pretty basic stuff.


The maze only covers like 25% of the map, the rest being flat nothingness.

Maybe you could reduce the overall size to stop morons like myself from walking off into nowhere. Heh.


Does this map even have a proper exit?



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It is a very basic map, the most basic you'll never see maybe.


It is quite large because we were gaming with several players, especially with a lot of monsters.

There is no exit yet for several reasons.


I hope you like fighting monsters ;)


herewith a backup, packed with a regular zip.


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