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A fairly old map

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Hey guys, 


While looking through my files, I stumbled across this thing. It was a map I made for a now abandonned project (demon's paradise) and well, it occupied the 6th slot. I took it out of the project and made it a map 01 slot. 

It needs the plutonia IWAD...


Anyhow, don't expect anything grand from this. This is a like 6-7 year old map that I did when I was still learning heh. Not trying to defend it of course but yeah, have fun. Oh yeah, there are no difficulty settings (not that it will impact the map that much lmao). 

Maybe I'll tune it up one day heh. 


I thought it could be quite fun to share it heh. 


Here are some screens: 





And well, here is the file in question (duh): 


Load it with plutonia. If I remember correctly, I tested most of it in doom95.exe but, I was fairly new back then heh. Nah, it only runs in zdoom and such cause I used walls as flats in a few areas and vice-versa. Sorry...


EDIT: Now works under prboom+,cl4 (I believe this is final doom). 

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Hey I place switches like this how on 1st screenshot. It happened when I have not similar wall texture with that switch nearby. But for my next map pack I added multitextured switches.

I also have some unpublished and not completed wads on HDD.

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