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Pretty nice.
Man, I wish I was there..
BTW, it seems like it is the old Macworld-movie. They already said the new stuff would be shown inside the booth, unfortunately..

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Hey thanks! That's pretty cool.
I wonder if that is the same new presentation they'll be showing today..

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Not much new stuff from that article, but I liked in particular this, I quote:

"Through every single game demo we were shown at the event, these retail guys literally did not ask ONE question... except for the DoomIII demo, where they actually came to life and asked "When?"."

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mmnpsrsoskl said:

Did anyone read this?

About the E3 video shown in Singapore.

omg, this really surprises me, Doom such a violence game premires in the land of possibly the only country in the world where is restricted for selling or chewing gum!? Geez, unbelievable! Perhaps they have softened the rule or something and hopefully it would work for the same in my country :)

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