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Clan battles about to begin

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Pretty cool. To bad I don't DM that often, maybe when ZDaemon 1.0 comes out (so it will be stable on my XP system)

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Where's the rules / guidelines / misc. extremely important info page?

Does one have to play using Zdaemon, or are other ports allowed as well?

If no other ports (or the original doom2.exe for that matter!?) are allowed, does one have to play on some certain server? Call me a whiner, but I wouldn't enjoy losing to some crappy newbie with ping 28 just because I ping 300+ to some American servers.

Are all matches gonna be 1on1's? Are you allowed to make your own arrangements of any kind?

How many players per clan should play? How can we make sure that players don't impersonate each other, etc?

Will all matches be played on the same map with the same settings (no jump or mouselook, thank you very much)?

etc, etc, etc

I hope the clans that have signed up will show enough dedication in order for this not to become just another flop, like most online tournaments, ladders or clan wars I've seen.


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As most of us that have played clan battles before will know, it's a bloody hard boring sensless job organising a clan battle. I watched the wife during the KFH v ICE debacle last night. Took about 3 hours to organise and play about 4 games :D

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