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Doom 3 vanilla Saved games only from Shortcut

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Hello everybody!

I've been playing Doom 3 (1.3.1) for a while and now I ran into a very strange problem. I wanted to start Doom 3 from a batch file due to 3D sound related stuff. The batch file started Doom 3 with the line "Doom3.exe". Doom 3 did start, but all the saved games were gone. The same thing happens if I start Doom 3 by clicking on Doom3.exe in Total Commander.

However, the game does start properly if I click on a Start Menu shortcut, which points to the exact same file, Doom3.exe, without any parameters.

Does anybody have an idea what this is?

Thank you.

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It could be an issue caused by User Account Control settings or different administrator privilege levels.  If you run DOOM 3 as an administrator (or disable the UAC feature), then the game should read the saved games from its installation folder.  Otherwise, DOOM 3 will read saves from Windows' VirtualStore folder (something like C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\DOOM 3\base\savegames\).

Depending on where the saves are located, you will need to either run the batch file as an administrator (right click the file and then select "Run as administrator" from the menu), or simply run the batch file/DOOM 3 exe normally without any administrator privileges (this is assuming that UAC is enabled).

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