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UAC Vinur Prime Research Base - REDUX

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Well i guess this is the place for this map, this is my attempt to make a map inspired by the Techbase maps of The Shores of Hell from Ultimate Doom.







This map is intended to be played only with the features the Source Ports has to offer by its own, jumping and crouching in case, it is compatible with any mod, difficulty adjusts the amount of monsters in crucial parts but don't affect items or ammo, it have one slaughterfest moment but it is not unfair at this point since the map will provide infinite supplies until the first half of that moment is completed, anyway most part of the time the map is fast-paced difficulty. This is also a GZDoom/QZDoom exclusive map since it uses UDMF features to work properly and it crosses the 32767 map units extension limit (so even Zandronum can't handle it atm), it contains certain non-linear gameplay, light ACS scripting and some objective making other than get keycards.


Download Redux Version

Download original map 


P.S: If you want it to play it on Software, i recommend play it in OpenGL simulating Software renderer then, because Skybox and outside fog will break in Software mode.


P.S 2: If playing with a gameplay mod and you pick the Blue Keycard, clean the hangar from the horde spawned and the doors still doesn't open, please remove the mod then, because it is spawning the monsters in a wrong way and it is not keeping the TIDs on them.



Edited by Zanieon : Redux release

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It was a long adventure full of positive impressions. The architect of the huge base is very highly developed. Unless the lighting is too homogeneous, with almost no dark parts, both inside the base and outside. Music well complements what is happening, emphasizing the pace of the game. The base is so huge that it's really easy to get lost in it! The gameplay is basically not too complicated, though I experienced a shortage of ammunition several times during my first pass. I focused on using berserk so as not to be left without bullets in front of a huge crowd.

There are a couple of comments. I stayed very long near Teleport # 3, because I did not immediately realize that it should be turned off. It would be worth adding, something like "tasks" that would always be displayed on the screen, for example "I need to turn off the teleport to stop it ...". I also had to return to the door several times in the city, due to the fact that there was a surviving enemy somewhere. This really strained. In this place, would not prevent the counter on the screen, showing how many opponents is still alive .


I especially appreciate such large maps and this one really inspires. :D I have been making a very large map for the second year already, and I can not finish it all. Recently threw it, but after passing through your work I became fired with the desire to continue the development. Maybe someday I'll reach my project before the release ... Thank you for that!


I made a record of the first passage. Two whole hours. I died only once, because of stupidity :( I do not think that it will be someone to watch...


Doom_Font_Green_Arrow.pngFirst Demo Attempt 2 hours, GZDoom 2.4.0


On the eternal storage in my collection:


Blue_4_5.png - Visuals (4 / 5)
Blue_4_5.png - Detailing (4 / 5)
Blue_4_5.png - Gameplay (4 / 5)
Blue_4_5.png - Atmosphere (4 / 5)
Orange_3_5.png - Difficulty (3 / 5)


Green_4_5.png - Overall Rating (4 / 5)

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@StormCatcher.77 Actually i have watched your demo, and have to say that i didn't expect to someone play to defensively the map like you did but it was the first time so makes sense since you know nothing about it at first run, a complete hostile place.


Anyway i do have to say that the shortage of ammunition you say was something imaginary because i noticed that you pratically ignored Plasma Rifle most part of the time whereas it is a trivial gun in the map with the most amount of ammo for it IIRC when i placed the ammo.


In the teleport section i expected the player to first press use in the Energy Hub door, i also noticed that the message that door gives when it is locked is what enlightened you in what to do to proceed from that infinite monster spawning, there's also the visual information in the previous teleporters, they are inoperative and their switches are off while the third one are full of chaos and with the switch locked on until you disable.


And finally thanks for playing it! Also nice that it inspired you from continuing your map, in the future i plan to post my other maps from ZDoom Forums to here as well, get feedback from most people as possible is always good.


1 hour ago, DooM_RO said:

I haven't played it yet but it kinda reminds me of Doom 2016.

Heh, it should remind of the tech base maps from The Shores of Hell Episode, but if it looks like Doom 16' to you okay then.

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Posted (edited)

Dang a bump! But just passing by to say that i'm releasing a Redux version of this map that consists in make it more straightforward, removing exploration-only rooms to keep it less maze'y, the map should be beatable in less than an hour now because the player won't be wandering in circles across the same rooms over and over.

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