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Deathmatch Level I've Been Working On.

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Link to WAD

Update 1: I initially uploaded a version built with ZDBSP, rendering it completely vanilla incompatible. Fixed.


I've been working on this map for a while now. It is a deathmatch map for 2-4ish players on the smaller side and focused on speed and flow i.e. you should be able to get from place to place very fast.


The level has been playtested with both bots and an hour long session with 2 friends (we were going for 100 frags, i lost with 97 damn it). Generally we agreed that the level was fun to play but needed some work.


The level occupies the slot for MAP02


Screenshots: (taken in Crispy Doom w/ freedoom2.wad):



Overview of the map in Slade



View of the central courtyard from the north.



view of central courtyard from the south



Some hallways



Outside area for fun battles


Things I want feedback on:

Errors: This map is intended to be vanilla compatible, so I want to know about any visplane or drawseg overflows I may have missed.

Decoration: This map is mostly METAL1 and BRICK6 right now, and although it looks passable, it could look much better.

Item Placement: Are good weapons too easy to get? is there not enough health? Is there too much ammo?

Any other feedback?


if you use a port to jump into the soulsphere area, you are a terrible person and should feel ashamed.

Edited by Spie812

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Hey there, I had a quick moment to check this map out; looks like it'd be fun!


I opened it and ran around in Choco Doom; I dodnt encounter any vanilla-breaking problems.


The aesthetics and feel (at least from what I inferred) was very OS; seems like it'd fit well in a brexec/dwango-type wad. Looks like the 90s! Hehe. Perhaps you could put a bit more non-brown colors in there, preferably bright, pretty ones :)


I like many SSG placements in maps like this; it keeps the action going and players ready to fight even moments after respawning. Perhaps could use another RL somewhere and I didn't find a PG, but I liked what I saw. Didnt really notethe health, but without items respawning that would disappear quickly anyway. Same goes for ammo.


Not much else I can say without actually testing it or at least opening it in an editor, which I can't do atm (at work), but I'd like to donate a few of my corpses as decoration to this map at some point :) Good job.

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