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Having problems with making a sound loop

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I've spent hours trying to get a sound effect I downloaded to loop in my game. I've converted the same file into multiple different formats, and not a single one of them worked.


Here's the DECORATE for the actor who should play this sound. I based it off one of the tortured marines in Hell on Earth Starter Pack:

ACTOR ImpaledDoomer : DeadStick replaces DeadStick
  Radius 16
  Height 64
  Health 200
	DropItem "HealthPlus" 128
	DropItem "HealthPlus" 128
	DropItem "ArmorShard" 128
	DropItem "ArmorShard" 128
	DropItem "Stimpack" 128
	DropItem "Clips" 128
	DropItem "Shells" 128
    bloodtype "DeadBlood"
	TNT1 A 0 NoDelay A_PlaySound("TORTURE5, 256")
	POLC A -1 A_PlaySound ("DSMADTH")

And here's the SNDINFO for the file.  I swear I made no typos whatsoever:




For those who are wondering, the file started off from, get this: a video of a halloween decoration. I downloaded the video, and edited it in Windows Movie Maker, to remove any pauses. I converted the .wlmp file into .mp4, and went onto an online audio converting site, and tried just about every format. Like I said, none of them worked.


Hopefully, there's someone out there who can help me out on this.


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Edit: Or just what Blue Shadow said below and everything I wrote can be ignored!


Is the issue you can't get it to play, or you can't get it to loop?


I'm no expert, but if looping is the issue have you tried setting up the looping parameters in the SNDINFO lump, not in DECORATE?


In my experience of creating environmental sounds basically everything (volume, sound type, loop frequency etc. etc.) has be defined in SNDINFO before you even place the sound in your map.


If it's not playing at all, perhaps try mp3 format, not mp4. I know underneath they can be the same file, but extensions matter.

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