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Disciples of darkness (updated final, on /idgames )

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Thanks for the feedbacks @Demonologist I appreciate that. Yes map two is mostly inspired by map 29 of Scythe 2 and also yes I didn't want to recreate the same difficulty/lenght of some of d-d maps (except for some portions of the last map) in this mapset 

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I've made some minor changes to this wad on map 03 and map 04 since I've found some issues replaying them so I fixed them and made the following changes:


- Added multiplayers start


Map 03:


- Some visual changes

- BFG can be obtained earlier

- final 'final' fight changed


Map 04 (the unforgiving nature of the map is unchanged):


- Speeded up some triggers

- changed some Barons to lighter monsters

- changed a fight after the BK door


So if you have this wad I suggest you to redownload the now final update on the OP link for a better version of the last two maps, thanks

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