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Having Trouble with cameras in doombuilder 2

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What camera sprites? The 3d viewer camera thing for making the map doesn't have any sprite, as like as the camera things on zdoom... So I think it's a problem with the sprites you used for the camera, it could be easily fixed on slade...

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On 3/22/2017 at 4:14 PM, DoomKid123 said:

The camera sprites are not appearing in the 3d mode, can somebody tell me whats happening?

You are using an old, outdated editor. Doombuilder2 was developed only so far and discontinued 4 years ago.

Use either GZDoom Builder, which is also discontinued now or GZDoom Builder - Bugfix



MPATROLmonitorsB at 2017.03.27 16-53-34.695 [R2958].jpg

Edited by Kappes Buur : added link to GZDB-Bugfix

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