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How do i upload doom wads?

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I have no idea how to upload my wads to this site.

Please someone help me.


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For initial versions of maps, just upload them to any file sharing site, from Dropbox to ModDB, and post the link.


Idgames is like a semi-official central depository that all Doom maps end up at, and it's where finished maps are posted to. It's an FTP site with pretty arcane rules for uploading.


I believe Ling is working on an integrated Doomworld upload process, but it's not there yet. For now, it's the old fashioned way.

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Hi everyone, I'm having trouble uploading my map to the archive : (  I've followed the above video perfectly at least 5 times but still nothing. It's not on the accepted or rejected list either. No idea what I'm doing wrong. Any advice? Thx.

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On 3/24/2017 at 3:37 AM, Soundblock said:



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