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How do i upload doom wads?

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I have no idea how to upload my wads to this site.

Please someone help me.


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For initial versions of maps, just upload them to any file sharing site, from Dropbox to ModDB, and post the link.


Idgames is like a semi-official central depository that all Doom maps end up at, and it's where finished maps are posted to. It's an FTP site with pretty arcane rules for uploading.


I believe Ling is working on an integrated Doomworld upload process, but it's not there yet. For now, it's the old fashioned way.

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Hi everyone, I'm having trouble uploading my map to the archive : (  I've followed the above video perfectly at least 5 times but still nothing. It's not on the accepted or rejected list either. No idea what I'm doing wrong. Any advice? Thx.

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On 3/24/2017 at 3:37 AM, Soundblock said:



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Ty, for the info. My link below is to hand out my shell capacity wad. It doubles the amount of shells that can be stored, making it possible to hold more shells than rockets which makes sense for both gameplay and realism. It's a perfect mod both for the original iwads and most pwads other than major mods.




Unfortunately, the site eventually deletes files. They deleted all most oblige wads that i uploaded last year, at least i think they did. How do i upload a file here?


I am working on a wad right now, along with an RPG as well.

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1 hour ago, abashi76 said:

How do i upload a file here?


The second post of this thread is a link to everything you need to know.  


Bear in mind that despite there being a "Downloads" link above, Doomworld itself does not host any files.  It is simply a mirror for a different site, idgames, which is the de facto main depository for Doom maps.  The link above describes how to upload to there.


Alternatively, if you want somewhere more easily manageable, DropBox or Google Drive or similar work fine.

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2 hours ago, abashi76 said:

They deleted all most oblige wads that i uploaded last year

You can't upload automatically generated maps as far as I'm concerned, you have to make them yourself from scratch.

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