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Random Junk: Sweep & Clear

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https://www.twitch.tv/videos/130728649 (I play this as the third wad tested, just before 2 hours in)


This was kind of weird. A broken polyobject double door at the start, then all-over-the-place detailing followed by the easiest Icon of Sin fight ever. And all this in a 21 monster short map with friendly marines to help you.


EDIT: Guess I didn't read the OP correctly, mistook this as a /vr/ collaboration instead of being by just yourself.

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They didn't for this one. It was merely something I tossed together with a 24 hr period limiter


The doors annoyed the hell out of me (for some reason I couldn't make it open properly if you used the left door, and trying to fix it broke the polyobjs again); and the friendly marines were specifically a requirement. ("the player must sweep and clear a uac base with a bunch of friendly marines and kill a couple of computer") I found the keens useful for such a purpose.


Just a one-off thing while I'm working on a considerably larger project; which is also consequentially my first map (Midal, Sweep&Clear, Fleshcrystal, and others were worked on in the meantime)  and one that has had considerable help with attributed.


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