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GZDoom question

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is there a way to remove the effects of the projectiles and the blood from the wall that appears with this source port ?



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I think what you want is to turn decals off. Open the console and type

cl_maxdecals 0

(At least that works in zdoom 2.8.1. But it should work in later releases/forks. There's probably a menu option but I don't remember it)

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In the console: "cl_bloodsplats false; cl_bloodtype 0; cl_rockettrails 0; gl_particles_style 0".

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Most of those don't have anything to do with decals, though.

cl_bloodsplats: disables monsters bleeding on walls -- yep, that's one of the things that disable decals.

cl_bloodtype 0: makes blood spurt be sprite only (instead of particles, or sprites and particles both)

cl_rockettrails 0: disables the creation of trails behind the rocket in flight (does not affect scorch marks on the walls)

gl_particles_style 0: makes particles square (but you've disabled them anyway, so...)


You missed cl_missiledecals, but anyway, as explained here, there are no CVAR toggle for hitscan attacks, so RjY's approach is both simpler and more efficient.

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