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Craziest/Weirdest midis you have ever heard in a Doom map.

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I was going to post a link to Jajör Al's MIDI's on YouTube, but he unfortunately closed his YouTube channel.  However, I did manage to find another one of his tunes by searching his name.  This is sadly one of his more high-quality composed MIDI's, but it's still weird in it's own, special way I suppose.  If you want some of his other compositions however, feel free to send me a PM.  I got quite a few of his works saved onto my computer.



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pretty much the entire soundtrack to The Darkening E2. i see people complaining about how the music in BTSX is not-Doom music and "fruity" and whatnot, but have they ever listened to some of the tracks in that mod? i can't find any videos of just the music, but you can kind of hear the music in these videos.




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Nevermind, I'm dumb and didn't read half the title, they're not from Doom maps. I'm still keeping the links in because they're interesting.

As for 100% Doomy stuff, Zan Zan Zawa Veia's stuff. That and the midis from shrooms.wad, big thanks to Negrostrike for hunting them for me. >_>



Conlin Nancarrow, AKA a guy that used piano rolls in most creative and mathematical ways. It's a bit of a stretch to call a piano roll a midi, but the concept is pretty similar



And this "black midi" that actually uses those million extra notes to make a piano work like a synthesizer:



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Probably anything composed by Bob Reganess. I uploaded the soundtrack to his aboo series maps (with a screenshot of aboo4.wad and a shot of aboojail.wad I passed through a filter respectively)


Wait until about 2 minutes in for this one:


Intro to aboocean.wad. Maddening o_0


This one's actually kinda atmospheric. The map its featured in is supposed to be a "dry ice" cave, though its portrayed pretty crudely.


This one's from aboojail.wad. Beautiful intro that leads into a bit of a cacophony.



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The DOOMCITY midi is a classic but it sure is an outlier in comparison to other midis.



And then there's the entire soundtrack to this, also composed by Shamus Young, in which DOOMCITY's midi plays on the first map. Couldn't find any videos for the other tracks.


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