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Help me with this ZDaemon problem.

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The whole "don't bother trying to patch this wad" message is total bogus - patching is likely to be the solution. The error means you have a different iwad, zdaemon servers use version 1.9, and it can't be the censored modern version that alters medkits and the wolfenstein maps. Where did you get your doom2 wad? If you remember it will help me identify what patch you need to use.

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That message is typically only received if the IWAD is not legitimate.


If it were, then a patching attempt would have occurred.


The "Don't bother trying to patch the wad; it's NOT possible." message would otherwise not appear.

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I understand now - At some point I had an official doom2 iwad that was the wrong version and got that message, so I just sorta assumed it said it no matter what. Is the BFG edition iwad recognized? If not then a lot of new users will end up getting this, but I assume it's checked for.

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