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Mappers Resource Wad

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Mappers should have a wide range of textures and flats to use. Some mappers want to use custom textures that fit best with their maps. Some of the aquatex textures are not that great and I do not see anyone actually using them. Maybe we should have a resource wad with all submitted textures and flats.


Besides stock textures/flats for compatibility, only the textures and flats that are actually used should go into iwads. We will save a lot of space in the wad, and allows many more textures/flats to be available to mappers. 

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i realiazed too of few aquatex textures is not really needed (most of them are the lights), and we have free flats textures slots since they're left slots from beta-apha doom.


Edit: This night i can work in a list of free slots and suggestion like i did in other topic :P nah

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Havin more general textures might freshen up the scene and actually get me back into the swing of it because it will give me a lot more to work with.

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You can add them yourself, it's quite simple.


Edit the file textures.cfg under /lumps/textures at the repo, by typing out the texture definition for the TEXTURE lump(s).


Then edit buildcfg.txt at / and write in the patch name under the [patches] section.


About the AQLITE textures: Keep them, unless they are really really useless. Others mappers can find good uses for it.

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