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Daemon Doomer


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Hey guys, it's me, Daemon Doomer. My Doom II MAP01 project is now cancelled due to the loss of my files and the limited time of working. I'll be working on a new project in the future with more dedication and planning. I have nothing much to say. Goodbye, I'll be back.




Edited by Daemon Doomer

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I remember very old times when I start to modify IWAD maps.

Later I created my own. But it even have no exit. Blocky and flat map. And have one enemy - commander keen inside the cage.

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(just don't make a new thread when you finish it, use this one. :] )

Good luck, I sense it'll be something... grand. ok, bad pun.

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COMPBLUE is not the best texture for making furniture, as it has a pattern. Better use something like BROWNHUG, STUCCO or ZIMMER2, or, why not, REDWALL. Just my opinionTM though.

BTW that light flat could be lowered (or raised). I recommend you to check out John Romero's personal mapping rules, they are helpful (if you haven't already).


What's a sofa that big doing next to a huge badass computer anyway? :]


Don't give up.

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14 hours ago, Gordon Grand said:

Things will become less realistic

I have done the math and concluded that you type at 0.0001 words per minute. You were probably just putting all your time into making your doom map though, I'm sure. :)


Any updates best friend?

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