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How to choose what to create out of all the ideas?

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I could make a feel good ksutra-inspired slaughter map with tons of health. Or try to imitate mm2 again, I already have the layout in my head. Or recreate the dance scene from Michael Jackson's Thriller but with revenants. Or do a quickie like in Scythe. Or a castle with death traps where you can find a secret switch that highlights these traps so you can avoid them. So many ideas. And picking any of them means putting off everything else, which is a shame. Plus, working on just one idea might be a bit boring. But starting several maps at the same time is even worse, I already know that. Maybe I could put everything in the same level? Hmm.

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I have an idea. Maybe, each day, you could work on one of those ideas. And each day, you could do the same amount of work for one as the others. Then, eventually, you'll finish them all at some point.

That is a concept I just thought of when I read this post, so... it's probably not the best way to work on all of those ideas at the same time.

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write your ideas on paper and come back to each one when you're ready.

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