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Rate my new WAD (Heavy Steel)

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Hello. I recently finished a map that I was working on for a little while called "Heavy Steel." While it's not the longest map ever, I still think quality is more essential than length. Even though it's done, I'm not planning on releasing it yet, because my other map (Temple Palace) was released a few days ago. Heavy Steel also has a secret exit (which is not going to be shown in pictures, because it's a surprise.)

Here are the pictures of it; look at them and if you do see some, say any improvements I could make:



(The floor with the twisted faces is damaging; you need a radiation suit to go over it)









So, I think it looks pretty good. Any tips I could do to make it look a little better?

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This looks very oldschool, particularly a mix of '90s design and GZDoom features that new mappers are sometimes attracted to. I also don't think this style and GZDoom fidelity go well together at all. I'd find these shots slightly more appealing in either lower-res software mode, or at best, OpenGL without filtering, with sector lighting instead of dynamic lighting.


The 1st shot looks nicely atmospheric and is my favorite overall; the 2nd shot is simple but pleasant in a classic way (although that silver tek texture is very out of place); the 3rd shot is ugly and garish, and it seems intentionally so except for the random splotch of colored lighting, which looks really tacky either way you slice it; the 4th shot is simple but effective; and the 5th shot is just a bland, ugly room or hallway.


It's really hard to rate a wad from just screenshots, especially one with this visual style. It will basically live or die on things like the gameplay, the strength of its layout, and the vibe and atmosphere, which are things you can only experience in-game. But I get the sense from the very cramped and door-heavy nature of the areas shown that the layout will be somewhat unimpressive, probably rooms connected to one another with doors, and as a result the gameplay will suffer for it.


With regard to the last question, try to make more open, architecturally complex areas instead of simple rooms, pay more attention to alignment, and make sure your textures fit well together (or at least don't fit very poorly). 

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